A change makes things different


If you want a change you can’t keep everything the same. Some people will find this so obvious as not to be worth stating. Many others who will nod in recognition, remembering ‘change programmes’ which are tasked with improving customer satisfaction, while maintaining, in a perfect state of statis:

  • the organisation chart
  • the client base
  • the products
  • the management team
  • the way we do business around here.

You can’t have a change programme that maintains all aspects of the status quo.

Change makes things different. Look around to see how things are now. After the change they will be different.

There must be a ‘From’ and there must be a ‘To’ and they must be different.

  • The ‘From’ describes something that you can see happening now.
  • The ‘To’ describes the same thing after the change has happened.
  • The ‘From’ and ‘To’ must be noticeably different from each other.

I strongly believe that if you articulate the ‘From’ and the ‘To’ you can get coordinated action and you can make change happen. In my experience, if you leave it vague, something might happen, or it might not.

If you would like to find out more about describing the change in terms of ‘From’ and ‘To’, download this free excerpt from my book Making Change Happen.

Illustration credit: Lizzie Everard “Thinking made visual” 

Categories: Communicating Change, The process of business change

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