Out there

I just Googled myself. In this case, I have some sales visits coming up, and I had assiduously searched the names of all the other people. Then I thought: what will they get if they search me?

Almost invisible webs

An article in Google help encourages you to “manage your online reputation”. So off I went searching for myself. And there I was.

It was a humbling experience and also uplifting experience: people I didn’t know quoted from my book. Reviews of products I wrote long ago – before I was aware of the importance of managing my “online reputation” – are still coming up in the search.

The websearch makes visible for our online reputation what must be true in also all our other reputations: we are connected. The chance remark travels in some serendipitous way and arrives in foreign lands.  We are quoted, remembered, alluded to, in context and out-of-context.

So what we say and do is important, matters, and has an almost unimaginable reach.

I return from my Google search more aware, and awed.

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  1. Hi Jane. I love these articles – hope there are more coming in 2012. You make me think. Happy New Year to you! Sonja

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