Conversations which work

Interactions with people, action-oriented conversations, use of words

Prepare for conversation

If you have an important business meeting coming up, how are you preparing? The chances are that you are preparing a presentation. However, alongside the presentation, if we are to make progress, there must be conversation. How are you preparing… Read More ›

Real Decisions

Sometimes, it’s difficult to get a decision in organisations. Action lists from meetings are too often open to interpretation. We pore over the minutes of the steering group, and wonder what was decided. If we are trying to get something… Read More ›

Hearing No

Well-organised and well-motivated change programmes fail if someone says ‘no’ and we hear ‘yes’. This happens more often than you might think. We say: “Please communicate the following important information to all your direct reports by Monday.” We get the… Read More ›

Disagreement Success

Many conflicts cannot be resolved. Therefore, to avoid disappearing into violence and chaos, we are going to have to live with difference and disagreement. We can disagree well, or we can disagree badly. It is a good idea to cultivate… Read More ›