The process of business change

Stages in implementing change, methodologies, methods, frameworks, checklists and things to think about during a change program.

Make existing processes work

  When something isn’t working, the temptation is to throw it out and start all over again. If it’s a business process that’s not working, then the classic approach is to initiate a “business process redesign” project. However it might… Read More ›

The directive approach to change

“the other sort of change programme” Traditional change programs are consultative Traditionally we have a “communication and engagement” element to every change programme. The vocabulary we use is that of involvement and consultation.  This is the “consultative” approach to change…. Read More ›

Make every change a repair

There’s a science fiction story I read a long time ago, where a man goes into the future, into an unfamiliar urban environment. He picks up a device which is lying by the roadside. He can see that the device… Read More ›

Disagreement Success

Many conflicts cannot be resolved. Therefore, to avoid disappearing into violence and chaos, we are going to have to live with difference and disagreement. We can disagree well, or we can disagree badly. It is a good idea to cultivate… Read More ›