About this website

This website contains various consulting-related articles I have written, often in response to queries from clients.

All comments and advice welcome.

See www.JaneNorthcote.com for links to my sketching site, and my business books.


4 replies

  1. Great to see you blogging Jane. I will follow with interest and really look forward to your ideas shared here.

  2. Jane, great to see you blogging! I like your article and feel challenged by it. Opinion without substance – many an artist’s downfall! To blog as an artist – using words as well as image – yet keep content engaging and meaningful for others can be hard. The very act of creating means expressing an opinion, or experience, of some sort. I suppose we assume the appeal of poetic reflection rather than simply the exchange of information, yet when it becomes too self-indulgent it loses that appeal.

    Keep writing! This is great food for thought!

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