Who I am and what I do

065I am an independent management consultant. My clients are people who intend to make change happen in their organisations. I help them turn that intention into reality.

My consulting practice is based on the following principles. They seem quite simple when I write them down. Putting these into practice is what makes my interventions work. These principles are explored in the blog posts on this site.

Change makes a difference

There must be a “from” and there must be a “to” and they must be different.

For progress to occur, people must take action

Progress occurs when people make commitments and act on them.

There is continuity as well as change

We can often have a big effect by selectively encouraging existing action, and using existing processes and frameworks, rather than by adding something completely new.

When we communicate about change, we must remember to say what’s staying the same, as well as what is going to be different.

Data is good

It’s always worth creating, collecting and using numerical data: before, during and after action. In particular we can usefully collect data related to the outcome of our actions, so that we can know if we are getting any closer to the goal.

Work takes place in conversation

The detail of the words we use, and the nature of the dialogues we hold, are the stuff of our organisation. By paying attention to the detail of our conversations, we can make change happen.


Photographs of Jane Northcote, by Lizzie Everard  “Thinking Made Visual”

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